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Things I've Had My Eye On

This is a collection of things I've seen or saved, a couple things I've been gifted or own, that I keep coming back to. They nearly all fall into the realm of treating yourself and/or would make really fabulous gift options. The checkered hair clip or rainbow matches are small, fun and affordable. Or if we're going big, I like the idea of a bundled gift of matching items, say, the pillow, book, and candlesticks, and splitting the cost amongst a group of friends. My idea of a great gift is something you wouldn't buy yourself, ie. $51 ribbed mohair socks. Feels like an irresponsible spend for myself, but if someone gifted them to me, you best believe I'm not taking them off. 

Stine Goya Socks, shop here

Checkered Hair Clip, shop here

MoMA Now Book, shop here

Thatch Evil Eye Necklace, shop here

Christina Lundsteen Pillow, shop here

Inca Bucket Hat, shop here

Striped Candles, shop here

Raffia Crossbody Bag, shop here

Evil Eye Pop Socket, shop here

Staud Beaded Bag, shop here

Raey Ribbed Mohair Socks, shop here

Arhaus Table Lamp, shop here

Dusen Dusen Slippers, shop here

Ganni Black Slides, shop here

Oversized Rainbow Matches, shop here

Bauble Bar Ring, shop here

I've been stalking @facevessel for awhile now, handmade glasses by Neal Drobnis. His drops typically sell out pretty quickly, but I believe you can find some of his glasses on Mociun right now. 

Boyfriend Mark gave me these Dusen Dusen slippers for my birthday because I always complain that I don't have a pair at his house. The cushion in them is top notch and I really appreciate the rubber soles.
I think about these chaise lounges regularly, it's worth looking at the entire home.
Considering a ~crazy~ nail palette. What do we think? 
xx, Alex
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