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Cowboy Culture

I keep waiting for cowboy culture or western obsession to fade out, but year after year it finds a way to maintain relevance. I'm not sure why I'm shocked... [but I'm shocked] that western iconography continues to show up in music, art, fast fashion and high fashion. Just when I think disco cowgirl bachelorettes have oversaturated the market, best friend Chloe calls and tells me about Helmut Lang's very cool new 'Cowboy' concept. It's interesting to me that there seem to be so many takes, iterations and such a huge appetite for a seemingly simple aesthetic. 

Maybe it's the duality that a cowboy/girl get-up offers. It can be masculine, feminine or both. It can be buttoned up or sexy. It can be embellished or basic. Maybe it's the cross generational appeal. Or simply the practicality of a well made boot? 

Personally, I hope cowboy culture doesn't go anywhere anytime soon. My cowboy boots are by far the most worn items in my closet. I guess more than anything, I'm  interested with how many ways we can keep reinventing. At what point do we wear western out? 

In the meantime, here's some cowboy culture I'm loving: 

Aforementioned Helmut Lang collab with Antuan Sargent and his focus on reclaiming the history of black cowboys. Read more here.

Stussy makes a cowboy boot cover for lighters that I've been meaning to order. 

Best friend Kelsey makes this fun/ny tee via her brand Charlie Southern. 

In case you need a new lucky bracelet, I just launched the horseshoe cuff

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