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Fayetteville Strawberry Festival 2024

Fayetteville is generally a lovely place to live, but it has moments where it's especially charming... and the Inaugural Strawberry Festival was Fayetteville in its prime. A local coalition organized a strawberry themed afternoon, coordinating with shops, restaurants, bars and vendors around the Downtown Square and Block Street. Multiple stages featured folk bands, square dancing and a pie eating competition. Dogs dressed as strawberries pranced around the square in the puppy parade. 
I was posted up in front of Riffraff, with a table of assorted miniature paintings displayed in berry crates. The minis were unintentionally deceiving, confusing quite a few locals looking for real strawberries. 
My set is from Darcy's SS24 collection, available here. Kelsey's dress is from Riffraff, available here
People showed up and showed out for the festival, rocking strawberry knits, berry shaped bags, and strawberry sandals. All of the littles in strawberry dresses were adorable. 
Our favorite bar, Maxine's, served their infamous Redbird drink.  
Thankful for strawbs and my very special hometown!
xx Alex
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