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I’ve been itching for summer more than usual this year. I love the warm, humid air and outdoor dining and working in the yard. 

In years past my summer work is primarily bright and colorful. But as we approach June this year, I find myself drawn to a more neutral palette. I'm gravitating towards deep browns, contrasted with ivory and natural blues. 

Like most summers, I'm navigating a massive case of wanderlust (Italy is calling my name) while really enjoying the slow pace and long summer days in Arkansas. The following is a compilation of all of the above; the people, places and things that are stuck in my head right now. 

Here's what's inspiring me at the moment...

I can't remember how I first found the Alberobello trulli houses, but I can't look away. The trulli are drystone dwellings with conical roofs, heavily concentrated in the village of Alberobello in Puglia, Italy. Their whimsical shape first drew me in, but I stayed for the symbols sketched on their rooftops. They remind me a bit of Milagros. Seeing the trulli is a top stop on my travel list. 

I have a growing Martha Stewart book collection and recently acquired Gardening, Month by Month (several very affordable options on Ebay). I’ve been slowly working my way through the book and trying to apply her advice to my {mini} flower and vegetable garden. I'm constantly inspired by Martha's determination to keep reinventing herself. There's something really special about reading her early 90's musings and following her life now. I loved this post of Martha planning her friend Douglas Friedman's garden for him. 

Young Martha being iconic. 

I've got a thing for statement silverware right now. Outdoor dinner feels like the perfect moment for a fun, specialty setting. I've had my eye on these enamel pieces from Matilda Goad. 

Every few years leopard print seems to resurface. I am feeling it for summer. This Ganni dress is simple and easy. The above Brother Vellies mules are a splurge, but the ruffle has me weak.

Not exactly leopard print, but in the same family— this tortoise comb from Officine Universelle Buly is my favorite gift. You can have it personalized and it ships in beautiful wrapping. 10/10 presentation. 

As I settle into my new studio, I've been paying more attention to the functionality of small spaces. Kitchen setups and tiny storefronts keep catching my eye. I love the simplicity of Simone Gooch's Fjura floral shop. I've been daydreaming about a micro shop for ALEX'S to live in one day. 

Pretty front door details from my new studio. 

I hope early summer is treating you well, would love to know what's inspiring you...


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