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The Statement Dress of all Statement Dresses

This time of year always seems to accidentally fill up with activities and events. The best part in my opinion; getting to dress up. I love any occasion to scout out a unique outfit. 

While trying to find a dress for a fundraiser we have coming up, I think I may have discovered one of my all time favorite statement dresses. I've been keeping up with Siedres for awhile. They're a Turkish brand “dedicated to playful graphics, prints, textures, and unique details." I love the knits and crochets they offered for summer, but didn't have a reason to justify the splurge. When I came across their Sun-ray Cowl Back Dress I had to try it. The print is instantly eye-catching, but the silhouette feels classic and unfussy with a sexy surprise in the back. 

Upon trying the dress in person, it's just as striking as online. The neckline and arms are a little restricting, but definitely still wearable. Can't wait to wear this dress out!  

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