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Featured Artist: Ricki Lee Scheef

Ricki Scheef has one of those personalities where you feel like you've known her forever after chatting for a few minutes. She is equal parts warm, engaging, and thoughtful, all while not taking herself too seriously.

I was initially pulled in by Ricki's vibrant soft pastel drawings. Where I sometimes find landscapes overdone and predictable, she creates scenes that make me want to step into the piece. Her use of color creates an atmosphere that feels vibrant and peaceful at the same time. 

Ricki comes by her love of the natural world honestly. She was raised by an entomologist and a science teacher. She grew up fossil hunting, visiting natural history museums and spending summers in the university biology lab. Ricki quickly developed a sacred appreciation for the colors, shapes and ecosystems that contribute to the vast and inexplicable beauty of nature. 

Ricki currently lives in Oklahoma City and gleans inspiration from western history, her petrified wood collection and the personalities of her farm animals. 

"My soft pastel drawings are layered with surrealism and impressionism that accentuate a perspective of reverence and awe for the natural world."

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