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FAST Art Gallery

Curation and design lead for FAST, a show within ASSEMBLY, A Fashion & Art Gallery, Downtown Springdale, Arkansas, June 2023. Produced by Interform. 



Consumption has become a pervasive aspect of modern life. As a society, we are constantly encouraged to consume more, often under the guise of convenience and pleasure. Collectively, we tend to prioritize expediency and have developed shorter attention spans. Whether it’s products, services, experiences or ideas, the side effects of rapid consumption can be a significant source of social and environmental harm.

In the era of consumer culture, it’s important to understand the consequences of our cravings. With the rise of fast fashion, we’ve seen dire impacts on pollution, climate change and often the exploitation of workers. While converting ideas into digital and digestible soundbites seems efficient on the surface, it’s eliminated the nuance of longform narrative and increased social polarization. Artists, creators and makers struggle to provide high quality product at competitive prices. Meanwhile original concepts and experiences have smaller windows of relevance before they’re discarded for the next thing. 

FAST aims to critique and challenge this dominant consumer culture. A variety of carefully selected artists and their works encourage viewers to question their own relationship with consumption and the wider impacts of consumerism. Immersive sensory elements push viewers to move and think slowly while in the space and consider alternative visions of how we might live more sustainable and thoughtful lives. 

FAST features retailers and makers who incorporate recycled and found materials in their work, who challenge the status quo through alternative forms of production and attention to detail. Their products not only showcase a commitment to sustainability and ethical production, but also give value to repurposing objects and reimagining their potential.  

Ultimately, FAST offers an alternate to the expedient nature of today where visitors are encouraged to move and think slowly while in the space to reflect on their own patterns of consumption. By showcasing art and products that challenge consumerist norms, we can work towards a slower, healthier and more thoughtful existence. 


Adam Fulwiler, Alex Bodishbaugh, Amos Cochran, Ana Butrigo, Beckett Chomyn, Chloe Jones, Danielle Hatch, Debra Koertge, Jocelyn Reid, Olivia Malone, Qwist Joseph, Sigrid Lorfing, Tay Butler, Vincent Edwards, Vincent Frimpong, Desselle Leather, Lieu Vintage, Signora Solare.

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